About Us

Varga started as a dream for women to be able to easily find high quality, affordable fashion, when owners Rosie and Renee Tenison found it nearly impossible to do so in their small home town. Their vision began with the sisters designing and sewing their own clothes in hopes to be able to wear the fashions seen in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Eventually designing their own clothes was put to the side when the girls headed to LA to pursue other dreams. After years of having highly successful modeling and acting careers, Renee and Rosie returned to their first love—fashion!
With a passion for all things vintage, the girls found a way to make their store stand out in the crowd. The inspiration behind the charming boutique style store came from eras of the past, dating all the way back to the 1920’s. While the store has a vintage atmosphere, the clothing has a more stylish and modern look to it. The mix between old fashioned décor and fashion forward pieces has made Varga one of a kind! In 2006, Varga opened their doors to their very first store in Santa Monica, California!
By providing outstanding customer service and a fun shopping atmosphere, Varga’s fans couldn’t seem to get enough. Throughout the next 4 years, Varga has expanded in order to satisfy their rapidly growing client base. Varga currently has 4 stores in the Southern California area---Santa Monica, El Segundo, Hollywood and Huntington Beach.
Because Varga has received countless recognition for its unique style and knowledgeable sales associates, it has been the top pick for the filming of numerous style shows and segments. Varga has continuously been featured on the Style Network’s, “How do I Look?” and fashion segments on TV Guide and KTLA News. Because of its positive impression in the media, Varga has gained quite a celebrity following. With Varga flourishing at a rapid rate, it is time to bring our company to the next level.
Rosie and Renee’s current mission is to provide an amazing shopping experience to as many women as possible. With its flagship store being in Hollywood, one of the most visited cities in the country, Varga’s new dream is to be able to provide women from all over the world the opportunity to experience Varga for themselves. We consistently have clients from other countries who have returned to the US coming back to Varga because of the lasting impressions we have made. In 2010, Varga launched its official online store with the main goal to cater to our client base developing all over the world. The goal of our website is to provide easily accessible fashions and an outlet for what’s hot in the media right now—designers, music, trends, etc!
All of this expansion and growth is exciting, but the most important and exciting part of all of this is the wonderful, and lasting customer relationships we have established by always giving them the best quality service and products.
We truly hope that each one of our customers has the experience of a lifetime in our stores and that our employees learn valuable life lessons and knowledge they can carry with them forever, making them a valuable addition to the workforce in general.
The Varga Family